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Data-Driven Banking Separates the Wheat from the Chaff in the Banking Sector
Banks are at a crossroads. Turning back is not an option, as their customers now consider them service-oriented organisations, compare their user experience with other sectors and...
6 Customer Wishes That Banks Fulfill Thanks to Data Analytics and Enrichment
A few years ago, the banking world was still in relative order. Today, not much is left of bank branches or interest rates. There is an increasing number of regulations, FinTechs...
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How Banks Achieve Scalability and Differentiation with Data Analytics and Enrichment
Across multiple industries, companies that enrich and use data in a targeted manner are growing three times faster than their competitors, according to the McKinsey Analytics...
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Data Analytics and Enrichment: The Personalization Enablers in Banking
The groundbreaking success of Netflix, Spotify and Co. boils down to the same fundamental approach, namely intelligent data analysis and enrichment using relevant additional...
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    Luzerner Kantonalbank Extends Its Digital Offering with Contovista
    As digitalisation progresses, positive customer experiences have become increasingly relevant and are crucial for a company wanting to stand out from the competition. Optimising...
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    Dominik Wurzer appointed as the new CEO of Contovista
    Effective January 1, 2020, Dominik Wurzer will become the new CEO of the Schlieren-based Fintech. He comes from the company’s own ranks: Dominik Wurzer formerly held the role of...
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    Contovista Enhances VKB-Bank’s Digital Customer Experience With Immediate Effect
    The Upper Austrian VKB-Bank is working with the swiss Fintech Contovista to optimize their customer experience in the digital channels.
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    Valiant, Contovista and Swisscom Launch a Multibanking Solution
    Valiant will be providing SMEs with the ability to manage their liquidity centrally and is thereby taking a pioneering role in the Swiss finance industry. Until now companies...
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    e-foresight sums up: «Contovista brings central improvements for banks and customers»
    e-foresight, Swisscom’s banking think tank, has analysed our current PFM version 3.0 in a comprehensive report and concludes, among other things, that «the new design represents a...
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    Contovista and NDGIT Extend Their Cooperation to the German Market
    Contovista, Swiss market leader for data-driven banking and NDGIT, provider of the first API platform for banking and insurance in Europe, are further expanding their cooperation....
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